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Can you hold my wedding date for me?

Absolutely!  You can book your wedding by signing the wedding agreement and paying your non-refundable retainer.

However, we do not offer 'soft holds.'


Will Dawn be at my wedding?

Yes! Unless otherwise contracted, Dawn will be the lead makeup artist. However, we have a team of talented, experienced artists that would love to be your lead artist due to availability!


How much is a trial?

One trial session is typically included in the standard price for a person getting married. Some exceptions apply.


Can I come to you for my trial?

Yes, that is preferable. 


Can you come to me for my trial?

Yes, if scheduling should allow. There is an additional $50 fee for travel.


But I don't want to book you until after the trial! What should I do?

Look over my portfolio and see if the look you're going for is represented in my work. If it is, then I am the artist for you! You should book me!  I’ve attempted to trial before booking in the past but in all honesty, the dates get taken before I can even get to you.

At the trial, I will go over all the look options for you and reassure you that you booked the right person!


Do you travel to me for my wedding day? 

Absolutely, I prefer to be where my couple is for their most magical day! Travel fees will apply (including any lodging, valet, parking, meters, rental cars, or flights).


What are your wedding prices? 

Please use the weddings page in regards to wedding bookings.

Our menu is custom designed to be accepting for all folks involved in the wedding, inclusive of all genders!


What brands do you use?

We stock professional/high end products in our kits. They include Becca, Laura Mercier, Makeup Forever, Viseart, Temptu Airbrush Foundation and more. If you have a specific allergy to a product, please disclose that information before the service begins.


What are your wedding COVID cancellation policies?

All weddings booked before March 2020, have been honored transfers for all my couples.

However, as of October 2020, we are all aware of the challenge that is COVID-19. If a couple chooses to book their wedding during this time, they are aware of the risks involved, such as contracting COVID or having to cancel, downsize or move a wedding.

When we accept a booking, we are forgoing all other bookings. Therefore,  if event is postponed or cancelled; couple must complete a Cancellation Agreement. All monies paid will be forfeited. If Client chooses to book another date a new Wedding Agreement and retainer is required. 


How do you sanitize your kit?

I have Completed a course through The Sanitation Conversation and Barbicide. It goes into detail about how to apply makeup in the most sanitary way, as well as how to avoid cross contamination between clients.

Service always begins with washed hands. I bring my own table and chair to make sure I know EXACTLY where that chair has been (just THINK about how gross hotel room chairs are!) My makeup kit is stocked with plenty of disposable applicators. I do not practice "double dipping".  Every client will have a disinfected set of makeup brushes used for their service. Prior to arrival to a job;  All makeup brushes are cleaned, disinfected and then placed into a UV Sanitizer light by PhoneSoap. My chair and kit will be sanitized between clients using Isporbyl Alcohol or sanitation wipes. 

Every time a product is used, it's de-potted into an artist's palette.

If you have any specific questions, PLEASE ask!


Why Airbrush Foundation for my wedding day?

If you've never heard of airbrush makeup, it uses compressed air to deliver makeup with a soft-focus, even finish unlike any other makeup. It is so effective at creating the appearance of perfect skin, that it is the best choice for anyone on HD film or TV.



One of the benefits of using airbrush makeup is its longevity.  The technique often lasts for 12 hours, and some applications can last even longer than average.


Not only does it provide you with an HD-ready finish, which looks wonderful in photos, but it’s also a hygienic alternative to traditional cosmetics. Moreover, the foundation doesn’t sink into the skin, but sits on top, leaving a smooth and healthy glow to the surface without blocking your pores.


Do you provide lashes or should I bring my own?

We lots of lash options;  individuals, clusters or lash strips. If you prefer, you can to provide your own. Faux mink or specialty lashes are an additional charge.

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